Jojoba Oil

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100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Cultivated without chemicals in Southern California

Naturally hypoallergenic, pH balanced and perfect for all types of skin and hair.

Sebum, the oil secreted by human sebaceous glands, and jojoba oil are virtually identical which allows for deeper penetration and absorption. Sebum protects and moisturizes the skin and hair, but it is stripped away by chemicals, pollutants, the sun and the aging process, resulting in dry skin and hair. Jojoba oil replenishes and restores natural pH balance to skin and hair.

Packed in reusable/refillable clear or amber glass bottles with a screw cap closure made of metal or plastic based on availability.

Different closures may be purchased seperately. Add-on glass pipette droppers, treatment pumps and lotion pumps come in black only.