Anchor Hocking Hermes Latch Jars

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Anchor Hocking latch jars have an airtight seal. Perfect for keeping herbs yea and spices fresh.

Made of durable crystal clear glass with a rubber seal and metal latch.


5.4oz- Top Diameter:3 1/2 Inches, Height:3 Inches

7.4oz- Top Diameter:3 1/8 Inches, Height:3 3/8 Inches

9.4oz- Top Diameter:3 1/2 Inches, Height:4 1/8 Inches

17oz- Top Diameter:3 1/2 Inches, Bottom Diameter:3 1/2 Inches, Maximum Diameter:4 Inches, Height:4 Inches

38oz- Top Diameter:3 3/4 Inches, Bottom Diameter:3 3/4 Inches, Maximum Diameter:4 1/4 Inches, Height:6 Inches

67.5oz- Top Diameter:3 3/4 Inches, Bottom Diameter:4 1/2 Inches, Maximum Diameter:5 Inches, Height:8 Inches

106oz- Top Diameter:3 3/4 Inches, Bottom Diameter:5 1/2 Inches, Maximum Diameter:5 1/2 Inches